Located at a distance of 90 Kms from Dehra Dun a Cantonment town in British India. Chakrata is abundantly blessed with natural beauty. The hilly area flanked on either side by the Jamuna & Tons rivers from the tribal region of “Jaunsar Bawar”. The region formed a part of the territory of the Raja of Sirmour and was conquered by the Gorkhas who were, in turn expelled by Britishers in 1854. The first settlement was made by Capt Birch under the orders of British resident at Delhi in 1816-17. Chakrata Cantonment is situated in the middle portion of the tribal area of “Jaunsar Bawar”.
General Information
Altitude : 2135 mtrs. Or 6730 Feet
Temprature :

Summer Max. 23° C Min 5° C
Winter Max 8° C Min 2° C

Year of Establishment : 1869
Population AS per 2011 Census :

Civil :- 2131
Military :- 824